Earning the Trust of Pet Rats, and More - with Visual Aids

JoinRats explores the pet rat-human relationship. Trust Training. Socialization. Enrichment. And more. Even lots on Rat Health. Videos, photos, and information are used to illustrate ideas and methods. Please read the caution and disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


Earning Trust

Modifying Rat Behavior

Introducing Rats to Rats

Rat Enrichment

Rat Health

Rats Are Hysterically Funny

Groom to Bond

Must Must Reads


Enjoy a few photos from the JoinRats gallery, "Rats Are Beautiful":

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Disclaimer: This site has neither a for-, nor a non-profit tax status, and is maintained out of love. The videos, photos, and related information offered are for illustration and educational purposes only. No photographs or videos will be offered for sale.

Caution: Assess each rat before attempting any technique. Visual aids posted on this website should be studied and used with care. Not all techniques work with all rats. Consult an expert for your particular needs. Be careful, be safe.

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