Groom to Bond - from YouTube 1

Embedded videos found on YouTube that do a fantastic job of showing was to help you and your rat bond by using grooming techniques.

Scotti's human, Virginia, grooms her so well. Not every rat will tolerate or enjoy this kind of touch. There is a lot of work for the human to do with the rat very early on, to help her reach this accepting place.

Monty the rat to demonstrates normal rat grooming on Ikea rat Bubba. We humans would do well to emulate Monty rat.

One of my rats did this to me once, I am happy to say. What looks like an intense "drilling" or nibbling, is actually the lightest of teeth touches.

Now, here's some "approval grooming," a video from youtube, RatPirate, of Koda and Lucky, where the first part shows one of them grooming the other. Notice how the rat being groomed just lies there, seemingly in bliss.

Here's a human giving clearly pleasurable scritching (grooming), shown in Mambo's tail-flicking. Rats can do this when they're happy, or mad (and maybe other times), but there's no doubt Mambo is a happy rat.

Another tail-flicking rat, Avalon!

Lucas the rat pretends he's a dog with his tail-flicking.

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