Groom to Bond - from YouTube 2

More videos found on YouTube that demonstrate ways humans can touch rats who like to be touched, to enhance the rat-human bond.

Here's sweet Myst enjoying being scritched and showing us with her bruxing and boggling. Those Aussie rats know how to boggle right.

Next, Jacky has his human well trained to give perfect scritches. Doesn't this rat seem to soak in the grooming?

Now we see Rohan and ear rubs - mmmmmm! - and on his back! This rat is in heaven. Makes me want to get a massage right *now*.  :)

I confess, I might have a fetish over tail-flicking. Here is Squints doing his thing.

Ratley, says his human had a hard day - ? I think this is the ultimate in trust. This rat thinks the human is just another rat.

Last on this page is Geten. He and his tail-flicking steal my heart completely.

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