Enrichment YouTube Videos

Looking for ideas about how to enrich your rat's life? Here are various enrichment activities for pet rats, discovered on YouTube.

Rats are natural gardeners. If you set up a plant and soil for your rats, be sure the soil is STERILE, with nothing added. You can buy sterile soil from specialty gardening stores. And check on the web to make sure the plants you offer are not poisonous. For example, tomato leaves are deadly. Then, be prepared for a complete mess. For myself I have not offered "digging in soil" to my rats because of the mess factor.

How about digging and chewing the carpet?

Rats open containers. After Pancake steals the nuts lid, and stashes it under the bed, notice the hole in the underside of the mattress. Pancake has a bit of a problem noticing the yummy contents of the nut container, but her human finally helps her out. But then where does that nut go? Back to that hole I mentioned on the underside of the bed. Some bad language at the end, but try to forgive that for the excellent rat antics.

Treat balls! Sometimes called soccer games. A bit of food in a small ball can do wonders for pet rat morale. When the balls rolls around, it's that much harder to get into, which is part of the strategy.

Pet rats hunt through a toilet paper maze. Any way to hide the treat gives rats a natural foraging project.

Digging into piles of stuff, in this case paper pellet bedding. I will fill a grocery large paper bag with shredded paper, or other bags, or Eco-Bedding (the litter I use), and then put a treat at the bottom.

Diving in a pint glass. Make sure the glass can't tip. Pea-fishing in big bowls of water is another option.

Lots of things to do in this one: Jumping, snuffling, relaxing, boggling, exploring, grabbing things off a pole, pool play, can they figure out that mirror (no), climbing stairs, climbing legs, climbing ropes. MAKE SURE YOUR RAT LEARNS TO CLIMB SAFELY. It takes practice. Tired rats. Sweet boggling at the end.

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