Rats Hiccup - YouTube

Rats, being mammals, hiccup.

This page offers videos of rats hiccuping found on YouTube, to aid pet rat owners in identifying hiccuping behavior. JoinRats does not attempt to assess whether any of these rats show signs of respiratory illness.

For more information on normal hiccuping in rats, please visit Rats Do Hiccup.

Whether a particular rat's hiccups have the breathiness, quality, or sounds of Myco pulmonis, is a matter for experts. If you have concerns about your rat, I urge you to set a vet with expertise diagnosing Myco pulmonis.

For more information on the distinct sounds of Myco, please visit Healthy Squeaks or Sick Squeaks, What Does Rat Respiratory Illness Sound Like?

My rat Bonny lying blissfully in my hand and hiccuping up a storm.

In this video the hiccuping action starts about 1:00, and ends about 1:20.

This rat starts hiccuping about :05, goes for a bit, stops, and starts again. He is also chirping. Chirps can be part of normal rat hiccuping, or, they can reflect respiratory symptoms. It's not possible to diagnosis these sounds just from this video.

Hiccuping begins about :05 and ebbs and flows through the entire video. Stopping and starting hiccups is also normal. There is also some endearing boggling going on. Very cute.

Very powerful hiccups all the way through this short clip.

The hiccup action comes not from the white rat at the beginning, but the black berkshire in the upper left hammock, at about :40, through 1:20. The camera does go there.  There are very loud chirps in this hiccuping. Chirps should be assessed for respiratory illness.

Very mild hiccups all the way through this video.

In this adorable video the rat on the left, who is bruxing from the start, begins hiccuping about :22, through :51, when he begins to groom the rat on the right. After that there is no hiccuping action but the 2 rats are adorable all the way through.

Might as well end with a very cute black puppy with the hiccups. He has some chirp-like sounds in them too. :)

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