Earn the Trust of Pet Rats
Bonding with Rats in "Pouches"
Bringing Rats Into Your Shirt
Forced Socialization - Jane Adamo's Original Method
Helping Friendly Rats Be More Careful with Their Teeth
Helping Tame Rats Slow Down Treat-Taking
Helping an Unsocialized Rat Love a Transport Box
Interacting with Baby Rats
Interacting with Baby Rats - on YouTube
Let Rats Decide When
Letting Rats Use Their Teeth
Please Do Not Use "Forced Socialization"
Pockets Pockets!
Snug Holding Pet Rats
Tail-Flicking in Pet Rats, YouTube 1 of 2
Tail-Flicking in Pet Rats, YouTube 2 of 2
Using Touch to Help Shy Rats Tolerate Touch
Using Touch to Help Shy Rats Tolerate Touch - YouTube
Using a "Neck Box" with Shy Rats
Working in the Cage
Introduce Rats to Rats
Aggressive Rat Behaviors During Intros
Introducing Rats to Rats, Notes by Lindsay Pulman
Rat Introductions YouTube
Successful Introduction Stories
Techniques to Introduce Rats
Using Baby Steps to Introduce Rats to Rats
Modify Rat Behavior
Constructional Approach Treatment for Rats (RAT-C)
Harriett Rat Warning Nip
Other Techniques with Harriett Rat
RAT-C Sessions with Harriett Rat
RAT-C: Harriett Rat Stills from the Videos
Positive Reinforcement
Use Positive Reinforcement to Help Rats Trust
A Good Relationship with Fearful or Aggressive Rats (RAT-C)
Clicker Training Pet Rats
Dicey, Aggressive Rat No More
Litter Box Training Pet Rats
Notes on Biting Rats
Pemy Rat - Aggressive to Friendly
Safely Offer Treats to Bitey Rats
Use a Cloth to Handle Semi-Unsocialized Rats In an Emergency
Rat Behaviors
Are These Two Rats’ Behaviors “Over the Top”?
Behaviors of "Released" Laboratory Rats
Establishing the Social Hierarchy: Normal Rat Behaviors
Fear Behaviors of Rats
Major Rat Body Language - RattyRat
Normal Play Behavior in Rats - YouTube - Essential Behaviors
Rats and the Concept of "Alpha"
Submission, Dominance, Appeasement
Tail-Flicking in Pet Rats, YouTube 1 of 2
Tail-Flicking in Pet Rats, YouTube 2 of 2
The Dangers of "No Blood, No Foul"
Snuggle with Rats
Groom to Bond
Groom To Bond
Groom to Bond - from YouTube 1
Groom to Bond - from YouTube 2
Groom to Bond - from YouTube 3
Groom to Bond - from YouTube 4
Rat Enrichment
Enrichment YouTube Videos
Fountains, Rubber, Rocks, and Rats
Fun Wheel, Stress Wheel, or No Wheel At All
Jump, Rats, Jump!
One Example of a Rat Play Room
Rats Enjoy Water
Rats Hunt Feathers
Rats Make Trouble
Rats Nom-Nom Coconuts
Rats Outside?
Rats Play
Rats Stash Stuff
Rats Stash from YouTube
Rats and Evil Bandaids
Rats and Pumpkins
Rats Are Hysterically Funny
Hysterical Rats - From YouTube
Hysterical Rats Are, I Tell You

Rat Health
Bandaging Rats
A Veterinarian Demonstrates Bandaging Rossi
Good Bandages
How To Do a Post-Op Bandage with Anchor Tapes on a Rat
Problem Bandages
Real Life Example of Anchor Tape Bandage Emergency
Slideshow - Post-Op Bandage with Anchor Tapes on a Rat
When a Rat Won't Leave a Bandage or Wound Alone
Workable But Mediocre Bandages
Compassionate Euthanasia of Pet Rats
Euthanizing a Pet Rat: A Veterinarian's Advice on Deciding If and When
Quality of Life Scale - Villalobos
The Medical Procedure for Compassionate Euthanasia of Pet Rats
Giving Medications to Rats
A Veterinarian Demonstrates Syringe Medicating a Rat
Feeding Medication Foods
Pet Rats? Oops? Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, Oh My
Baby Rat Growth: Baby Rat Development - AFRMA
Baby Rat Growth: Birth to Weaning - Rat Guide
Baby Rat Growth: Pictures of the Pinkies - Rattie World O' Comfort
Caring for Rat & Mouse Orphans - AFRMA
Raising Rat Orphans
Rat Reproduction - by Debbie Ducommun
Sexing Rats: Alpha Centauri Stud
Sexing Rats: Is This Rat a Boy or a Girl? - RattyRat
Sexing Rats: Litter Journal - Curiosity Rattery
Sexing Rats:
Sexing Rats: Sexing Baby Rats 101 - AFRMA
Start Here: Rat Basics for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies
Physical Symptoms of Ill Rats
Is My Rat Blind?
Mouth Breathing in Pet Rats
Possible Pituitary Tumor or Chest Mass in Ms. Eme
Stripey's Heart
Tail-Chasing In Rats?
Tugger Rat's Tumor and Medical Crisis
Sounds Rats Make
Healthy Sounds Rats Make
Healthy Squeaks, or Sick Squeaks?
Trimming Rats' Nails
A Veterinarian Demonstrates Trimming Rats' Nails with a Dremel Tool
A Veterinarian Demonstrates Trimming Rats' Nails with a File or Clippers
Trimming Rats' Nails Using a Concrete Block
Trimming Rats' Teeth
Special Malocclusion Example in a Rat
Trimming Crabcake's Teeth
Videos of Rat Physical Exams
Examining Pet Rats: Palpating
Veterinarian Basic Exams of Pet Rats
Veterinarian Exams of Hind End Weakness in Pet Rats
Assorted Rat Cages
Bathing Rats with Minimal Stress
Hind Leg Weakness
Multi-Level Cages for Older Rats
Rat Anatomy, or, Pretty Pictures
Rats Do Hiccup
Rats Hiccup - YouTube
When Rats Need to Diet
Must Must Reads
Curiosity Rats - Behavior Information
Dapper Rat
Debbie Ducommun -
FatRatCentral - Communicating, Training
Ratballs - Hugs, Them and Us
Ratguide - Training and Playtime
RattyRat - Bonding, Petting, Picking Up
All Videos of Rats
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Old Join Rats
Rat Art
Rats Are Beautiful
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